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Open Science

The Hugo Grotius gGmbH appreciates the value of open science as an important and central aim of the society. It considers as open science not only 'open access' to scientific information as well as 'open educational resources', but also to open and to discuss scientific processes and understanding with stakeholders outside the scientific community, e.g. with citizens. 


"Critical thinking and well-founded judgment require dependable criteria which allow to assess the validity of information. Science steadily peruses the truth through testing information and disproving fake news. This painstaking process requires effort, but the recent opportunistic spread of "alternative facts" in politics demonstrates its importance. Not only for science, but for the welfare of society, it is critical that we boost our skills and means to effectively work against deception and that the value of knowledge is widely appreciated." (March for Science Germany, Mission Statement 2017). Hugo Grotius gGmbH welcomes and supports the "March for Science".